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Hey there my friends, this is Debbah Abdelkarim, I'm a new writer on this site, I'd love you to check out my stories in the future... for the time being I'm working on my first story: Age of Wizards, I'd be so happy if you check it out, make sure to comment and add it to your library, and thanks!



Age of Wizards


Vallenia, the greatest land on earth, ruled by lord Leonar, who's opressing rules against wizards' descendants pushed them to the edge of rage. and After their rebellion on him had failed, Heather Ainzworth's only brother, Raphael was one of the few who's been captured alive, and set in prison f... more info

Story about: wizards, magic creatures, bounty hunters

Ongoing: 19 Feb 23 pages
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Rating: 3

#12 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy

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