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Hot Mess

Andrea Bonnell

When you meet two people like James and Brooklyn, is impossible not think how good they look together. But for James and Brooklyn a relationship is overrated in their life, even when they know that there is a big attraction between them, they know that a relationship can be dangerous, so the term of... more info

Text includes: new adult, romance, chicklit

In progress: 10 Jan 1 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

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#3 at Contemporary fiction
#2 at ChickLit
#24 at Romance


Everything I don't Want in a Guy

Andrea Bonnell

Emilie has a list, a list with all the things that she doesn’t want in a guy, so in her senior year she is decided to find the perfect guy for her, but all her plans seems to be spoiled when a specific person finds her list, a person who has all the non-wished qualities that are written on it. Ol... more info

Text includes: love, romance, teenfiction

In progress: 06 Jan 46 pages
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Overall Rating: 5

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#7 at Young adult
#10 at Romance

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