Unheard Cries


Naomi Ryan thought she was in love. The day she started dating the 'Prince Charming' of Cloverton High, Tyler Jones, she thought she had found her pot of gold. His dazzling smile, dark eyes and smouldering gaze made him a target for all the girls. So when he chose to date Naomi, she could hardly b... more info

Story about: sexual assault, teenfiction, teen romance

Ongoing: 08 Feb 50 pages
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Rating: 2

#95 in Young adult
#35 in New Adult & College
#205 in Romance
#31 in Romantic suspense


Silent Cries


Bright smile, doe eyes and a seemingly cheerful appearance. Seventeen-year-old Isla Leighton would be the last person anyone would suspect of being a victim of abuse. With an alcoholic Father and an emotionally abusive Mother, Isla never gets a break. At school, she becomes the target of one T... more info

Story about: humor, abuse, domestic violence

Ongoing: 08 Feb 69 pages
1217 47 5

Rating: 4

#99 in Young adult
#15 in School
#56 in Others
#26 in Non-fiction

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