New Update - The Mystery of a Techie's Murder

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 20.08.19, 09:45:24

My Dear Readers/Authors,

It's almost a week since I have not updated my Mystery genre work - The Mystery of a Techie's Murder. I am sure you are enjoying reading the story and I'm glad you found it entertaining. Today, I'm updating the novel with the next two chapters. So far in the novel,  Mayur and Aisha are in Bangalore to meet the suspects in connection with Priya Bedi's murder. In the previous chapters, we read about Mayur interviewing the suspects and its time for them to check the alibis and then return to Hyderabad. This part of the story is covered in today's parts.

Chapter 29 - Mayur and Aisha checks the alibis of the suspects based in Bangalore

Chapter 30 - They both return to Bangalore

I hope you enjoy reading these new parts. If the story held your attention, don't forget to share your thoughts, like it and follow me. Your encouragements are really helpful to write good stories in the future.



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