Cok, Away from Home, A W.o.S.T, and upcoming story

Author: L.M.A / Posted: 24.08.19, 13:30:55

We do not still use the full capacity of our brain, today's post brings you guys to today's current updates. There are a lot of updates that will be scheduled because of the upcoming month of September. Christmas is near and surely there will be a lot of things happening in the months of -ber. 

Firstly, I will seperate CoK first book into three parts: Rise, Complex, and Fall. That would mean introduction, Climax, and resolution. So that it would be easier for you guys to navigate the series of parts of the story.

Secondly, CoK will be under Sample , just like Away from Home, This state that CoK will be under edit. That will be today which is August 24,2019, until september 24, 2019. 

Thirdly, A Week of Staying Together will be placed under my first priority wherein I have to hurry because of the deadline for this book which is the first saturday of October.

\Fourthly (Fourth, IDK), There is an upcoming story that I have been planning this last two days and it is called, Superstition. The description of the story will be much more detailed and would be already official once I publish its first chapters. (So no editing)

and that's all for today and Happy reading as well as happy writing


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