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Author: HypGothic guru / Posted: 28.08.19, 12:12:12

Hello Litnet writers,

****This message has been posted by Emma Swan and I am re-posting on my blog in the hope that it can reach out further. ***


Have a look at the facebook group, set up just for Litnet writers called "The Writer's Club. "

Members will be asked 4 questions upon joining "The Writer's Club".  YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.  If you fail to answer one or all, then you we can not accept your membership request.

The questions are:- 

1. Are you a Litnet Author? (not a reader only, but first of all A WRITER, this means that you should have something published on Litnet)

2. What is your Penname on Litnet?

3. What topics would you like to see discussed?

4. Do you agree to the rules of the admin?


This is not a READERS CLUB. It is a group FOR LITNET WRITERS ONLY. So, if you're a writer, this is the right community for you because you will find support with your writing and helpful suggestions from like minded people.

For more information click on the link below!!!!!!!



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Emma Swan guru 28.08.2019, 12:19:11

THANKS, BABE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!

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Ruechari guru 28.08.2019, 20:18:08

HypGothic, Thanks for getting the word out.

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