Lover's Courage - Updated

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 29.08.19, 10:37:23

My Dear Readers/Authors,

I'm sorry for not updating the romance novel - Lover's Courage, yesterday because of some other urgent work. Here are the two chapters which are added today and I hope you will enjoy reading them. So far in the story, Snehal and Vivek decided to get married and Snehal took him and his loved ones to her home. In these new chapters, Vivek is attacked at his institution by Ranji who creates havoc there. Vivek meets Snehal, who has escaped from her room and they all travel to Bangalore. What is awaiting them at Bangalore? Will Ranjit and Snehal's father let the lover's get married? Read on...

Again, don't forget to like the story, comment and follow me to receive the new updates if the story held your attention. I hope you will enjoy reading the stories set in India.


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