How I entered the Once Upon a Time Contest

Author: Roza Csergo / Posted: 02.09.19, 00:11:15

Hello fellow writers, 

A dear friend of mine asked me kindly to make a post about how I entered my story A Royal Gift into the contest. 

Below you can find step by step what I did on the desktop version of Litnet. 

Litnet Authors announced the contest on the 29th of August at midnight, if I'm not mistaking. 

After getting up in the morning I remembered a grizzly Hungarian folk tale and I always wanted to tell my version of it, so why not now? After all, that's the theme of the contest. 

Here we go:

1. I figured out how I want to change the story. 

2. I chose a title.

3. I downloaded a picture from Pixabay and created a cover on - something that suited the story.

4. I went on -> My stories -> Add story.

5. Uploaded the cover.

6. I added the title.

7. I chose the genres - fantasy and short stories (The second is a must for every entry). 

8. Added three categories into the Story about box (love, magic, medieval). 

9. I wrote a description/annotation of the story, then I mentioned that the story is my entry into the contest. 

10. You can add quotes too - I haven't. 

11. I scrolled down the page and opted for the Ongoing option at the Story's status box. 

12. Created the story, which at this point was visible only for me.

The publication date of the story is the 29th of August and it's ONLY on Litnet, nowhere else. 

13. Then I clicked on Contents -> Add text. 

14. I added the Title Page with the copyright information and saved it as a Draft. 

15. I added an Inspiration Behind the Story page and saved it as a Draft. 

16. I edited the Title Page and the Inspiration Behind the Story and then I clicked on Publish. 

17. Now, these two pages were visible to everyone. The rest of the story is still a Draft. 

18. Next, I went to Contests -> Once Upon a Time -> Add Work to the Contest. 

A window popped up saying Add Story to the Competition -> Select Work.

Here it enlists your works meaning you can choose a title only if you published it. And remember, the story you want to enter can be published only ON the 29th or AFTER the 29th, but absolutely not before the 29th. 

So I chose the story I want to enter: A Royal Gift. 

19. The Litnet Authors administrator checked if I follow and liked the Litnet Authors facebook page - which of course I do and approved my entry. 

At this date, 1st of September, this story is ongoing and it has to be completed by the 30th of November. 

That's it. I hope you'll find this post helpful in some way. And please, take this chance and participate. 

You have so much to gain. Exposure, publicity, reads, likes, comments, feedback, help and support. 

So think about it... but not too much LoL.

Wish you all happy writing. 

Regards, Roza


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Ruechari guru 02.09.2019, 14:18:08

Thank you!

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Roza Csergo 02.09.2019, 15:52:39

Thanks for reading my post.

AnnaRCase guru 02.09.2019, 00:35:28

Thanks for your tips :)

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AnnaRCase guru 02.09.2019, 03:25:38

Roza Csergo, No problem. Welcome.

Emma Swan guru 02.09.2019, 01:12:18

well done!

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Roza Csergo 02.09.2019, 01:17:22

Thanks ♥

Marilyn Lucero 02.09.2019, 00:25:53

Thanks for the tips?. Hoping I can start this weekend

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Roza Csergo 02.09.2019, 00:27:22

diamond46, Anytime dear, always happy to help.
Wish you good luck. I'm sure you'll create a beautiful piece.

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