Author: simon 1982 / Posted: 06.09.19, 12:23:27

Hi guys just wanted to let you that I have completed my contest entry hope you like it the end wasn't what I set out to do but I felt like it had to change. Let me know what you think thanks


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Roza Csergo 06.09.2019, 17:47:16


simon 1982 06.09.2019, 16:23:45

Thanks guys I love your enthusiasm

Emma Swan guru 06.09.2019, 16:03:19


Brad Emshwiller 06.09.2019, 15:44:29

Atta boy!

HypGothic guru 06.09.2019, 15:28:45

brilliant news! Well done

Litnet Authors 06.09.2019, 13:58:38

Congratulations on completing your story.

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