Goldie and the Bear

Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 08.09.19, 01:50:44

Hello Readers!

A new chapter was added to OVER THE MOON and a new story. Come read the next story in the collection, Goldie and the Bear. Yes, that's right Goldie gets her own love story in this collection about your favorite childhood fairytale figures, reinvented. Come check it out. Don't forget Like, Comment and Add to your Library to get all the latest updates right away. 

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Goodness guru 08.09.2019, 10:44:10

Damn, the bear is cute :O

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Goodness guru 08.09.2019, 19:20:36

Ruechari, yep.

Vijay Kerji 08.09.2019, 11:11:52

Appealing cover art! I'll read the story and share my thoughts!

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Ruechari guru 08.09.2019, 15:03:53

Vijay Kerji, Thanks, Vijay but this isn't cover art it's just the pic I added to the next story in my ongoing collection Over the Moon.

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