Strange World 2 about to pass Strange World 1???

Author: Jake A. Strife / Posted: 17.09.19, 16:59:28

I just launched Strange World 3 a couple days ago (after sitting on it for three years--Sorry to anyone who read books one and two elsewhere!).

Now, I get like 400 reads on average everyday for four of my different books. (sometimes it'll switch and another book becomes popular--I have NO Idea how that ends up happening!)

But Strange World 1 has 22,500 somer reads. Strange World 2 now has 22,400 some reads. 

If the pattern contninues, and book 2 gets another 400 reads by tomorrow--It'll pass the amount of reads from book 1.

So, are you telling me that more people have read book 2 than book 1? How does that work? Why would someone read a second book and not start at the beginning?

It seriously makes me question the validity of reads, stars, etc, here on Litnet! 

Anyone else having a similar thing happening? 


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K.R Webber 17.09.2019, 17:21:41

I also doubt that there are a lot of bots here. Sometimes I also get 50-60 reads out of nowhere but dont get any comment, like or criticizm or whatsoever.
Do people click randomly here or this place has got bots?

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Jake A. Strife 18.09.2019, 03:41:30

Althea Liu, I suppose people could just be 'lazy' or whatever, too. Or that they don't know they can vote and give stars and rewards. Who knows...

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