I Still Love You - Updated

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 18.09.19, 10:58:06

My Dear Readers/Authors,

I hope you are having a great week and looking forward to reading some good stories to beat the work stress. My Romance genre novel, I Still Love You has been updated with Chapter 30.

We know so far in the story that Pratibha has refused Murali's proposal, because she has a boyfriend, Rahul. But in the last chapter, Rahul's silence worried her. In this part, she hosts a party for all before she goes back to Bangalore.

But will Rahul answer her phone call? What awaits Murali? Read On...

I hope you enjoy the story. Don't' forget to like it and share your thoughts. You can follow me to get the latest updates about my works.

I wish you all 'HAPPY READING!'


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