New story " Love Hate Relationship "

Author: Goodness guru / Posted: 23.09.19, 01:13:20

Hi guys, I have just added a new book "Love Hate Relationship" I hope you can have a look at it, like it and share with me your reviews.


"Three rules:
Don't talk to me,
Don't touch me,
Stay out of my business."
Hearing that from her supposed husband on their wedding night, Sasha White or rather Sasha Brown had to question herself about the meaning of marriage.

Being married to the handsome billionaire, Michael Brown, Sasha couldn't explain her joy course as fate will have it, she had been crushing on him since their school days but couldn't pursue him due to the fact that it was known in the whole school, that he is gay.


I hope you all like the book : ) 

I love you guys : )


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Izzy 23.11.2019, 11:03:10

I love that book! Update soon please

Adenike Folasade Adekola Ojerinde 23.11.2019, 01:00:10

It nice reading this book but when will the remaining chapters come on board

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Goodness guru 23.11.2019, 09:55:46

Soon. Update is every Wednesday.

JT Omobolah 21.11.2019, 15:01:37

It's nice reading this book

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Goodness guru 21.11.2019, 23:29:11

Thank you : )

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