Carina Updates

Author: SavannahGeorgia / Posted: 10.10.19, 08:47:32

To everyone who cares, Carina is gonna be delayed by another day or so. I was just not feeling this chapter and there were too many errors, inconsistancies that were really bothering me. So, I'm gonna redo it before posting, but it is on the way.

Thank you to all the people who jumped on to read and made it #2 in Action/Adventure. I'm so grateful and I feel I should only provide the best because of that. There should be something new by the end of the week no problem, but I gotte sort through these details. Thanks!


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SavannahGeorgia 12.10.2019, 04:49:00

WELP! BECAUSE LIFE SUX SOMETIMES, Imma be a little more delayed in Carina updates. These past two weeks have been rough and today was the culmination of it. Give it time.

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