Dog Bites updated

Author: Sara . H / Posted: 12.10.19, 20:21:50

Hi everyone, sorry for not updating every week as i am supposed to do, i had a lot of work lately, but em back , i've just updated chapter 11 from dog bites and the next chapter will be out soon, i hope you keep reading and enjoying my work, feel free to leave me some feedback, i am always happy to read your comments and critics.


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Esraa Nuriko 12.10.2019, 22:16:31

Oh you did it and made a blog post xD. Oh boy oh boy 11 chapters! You exceeded the number of chapters I wrote for LAFT, although I wrote more characters than you. Haha. I'll continue writing Love At First Tear and reading your story my friend, when I'm a little freer.

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Esraa Nuriko 27.10.2019, 06:53:43

Sara . H, Good luck my dear with your story. :D

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