Strange World 3--Two chapters left!

Author: Jake A. Strife / Posted: 19.12.19, 18:31:35
Hey everybody, I thought you should know Strange World: The World Coin (book 3)
is only TWO Chapters from finishing. I should have this complete in the next few days at most! So if you haven't read Strange World 3--or even 1 and 2--not is the time to begin!
It's an exiting thing to finish a trilogy--and will there be a BOOK FOUR? You'll have to read and find out.

And don't forget to check out my other series, vote, and comment. Or at least add them to your Reading Lists and forget about them--but see it later and be like, "Hey, I should read that now!"

Ok... rambling! Just excited to complete book 23 in the Strifeverse... aka...
The "Song of Aegis Saga". 

Yes, all my books are connected. There will be a major crossover one day in a series called, "Song of Aegis". So, please, stay tuned!


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