Happy (late) Holidays + Updates

Author: Celeste I. / Posted: 26.12.19, 07:12:03

I had been pretty busy with life, since Christmas was around the corner, and I wanted to get things ready for the holidays. I hope you all had a happy holiday season and had a Merry Christmas!

Hopefully, the next chapter of The Land of the Unknown should be out by the end of the week; I haven't forgotten about that, don't worry.


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Twiggy 28.12.2019, 10:24:02

YEAY!!!! Happy belated holidays to you too Celeste!!!
I know exactly how you feel... I'm also late on my updates with everything going on XD

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Celeste I. 29.12.2019, 00:49:24

Twiggy, Ahaha, glad we understand that at least. And happy belated holidays to you too~

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