Happy Holidays!!!!

Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 27.12.19, 06:47:41

Okay, I know, I'm a bit late...

I got kinda drunk on christmas so I didn't relaly feel well yesterday to post or work or do anything... But today is a new day and much more productive.

So, I said I wanted to publish a few chapters for christmas, so that's what's coming out today in a few minutes/maybe an hour, it's just going to be the one because chapter 13 is going to be quite loooooong, as not only will it be the half mark on the book, but also it's going to set the tone for its last thirteen chapters, as well as enlighten a few things amongst the many mysteries here, so stay tuned for that, if I finish it on friday/saturday, then it'll come out that day, if not, until sunday, like every week.

As for the LGBTQ+ story, I am working on it, the story itself is done, the thing is, as I said, this was for school so it's in spanish and I have to translate it, plus I'm adding a few more details because I notices the spanish version didn't make a lot of sense... it's one of my weirdest stories, and all of it is a HUGE clue towards the entire Tree I'm writing (all of my books are the tree, since they all happen in the same universe).


  • OPHIUCHUS chapter 12 comes out in a few. Chapter 13 in the next couple of days, and you'll have half of the book already!!
  • MOON CINDERS is the LGBTQ+ story, comes out in the first 5 days of january, hopefully.
  • I'll be answering any coments you leave, so feel free to ask anything about anything.

Hope you had a great holiday, and enjoyed however long you could with your family, friends, lover, whomever you spent it with.

Good Luck!!!


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HypGothic guru 27.12.2019, 09:43:00

Happy holidays

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Alex Scrivenor 28.12.2019, 20:29:22

HypGothic, Hope you have a great time on your holidays too!!

Ashleh Queen 27.12.2019, 13:45:26

Happy Holidays

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Alex Scrivenor 28.12.2019, 20:28:58

Ashleh Queen, Happy Holidays to you too!!

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