I am going through finger infection.

Author: K.R Webber / Posted: 29.12.19, 10:31:27

This is painful as F. Since last four days, I have not typed any of my stories on PC.

My finger has swollen up and doc said I need a minor surgery.

So my novel, Saer Servitude, will be published here few moredays later.

Happy New Year in advance.


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Emma Swan guru 30.12.2019, 00:19:06

Take care and try to stay positive. Happy New Year!

Roza Csergo 29.12.2019, 22:30:07

Wishing you quick recovery.

HypGothic guru 29.12.2019, 12:43:33

take care of yourself and make sure you get better. Best wishes for the New Year

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K.R Webber 29.12.2019, 12:57:27

HypGothic, Happy new year

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