A Year for Dreams

Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 31.12.19, 18:02:29

A Year for Dreams

A year ago, I would not have believed you if you told me I was going to succeed with my writing and make leaps and bounds in regards to validation to the quality of my work.

I've dreamt of such things but here I am a Litnet Guru, having won my first-ever literary award, running with the help of AnnaRCase, HypGothic, Goodness, and EmmaSwan an awesome writer's community - Litnet Authors on Facebook and The Writer's Club our online community for Litnet authors only. 

I am selling From the Ashes as an Ebook and am excited about what the New Year may hold in store for me as it fast approaches. 



I know there are many authors who are trying to get that same validation and I know you will arrive if you make a plan for it and don't ever give up. I have been writing 20 plus years. I hope it doesn't take you this long but take action today, towards your goals. Don't ever give up. Always try to improve your craft and educate yourself on how to become a better writer. Don't let others define you. Tell your story.

Of all the platforms I have written for, Litnet is by far the most encouraging and supportive of its authors. They really wish you to succeed. They believe if you succeed, they succeed and are willing to help you on that journey. So if your goal is to write, write better, write more often... it's a new week, a new year and a new decade so ask yourself one question, What are you waiting for?

Don't put it off. You can do it! I believe in you, and I believe this is your year to make your writing dreams come true. 

MY WONDERFUL READERS, thank you for your loving support, likes, and comments. You are the dream makers you hold the key, to give these authors the strength to continue writing and bringing you wonderful stories in every genre.

Do you know you are an author's dream come true? That with a simple click you have the power to make us or break us? Your LIKES, FOLLOWS, and COMMENTS are our life's blood when writing digitally.

Those hearts are our confirmation that we are doing a good job as a writer and that you would like us to continue to bring you new stories. You are our inspiration, our motivation. You know not the power you wield. 

Sometimes you want to wait until the story is over because you've only got this one shot to say "Hey, you're good." But sometimes you get to the end of the story and forget. Moving on before you give kuddos to the one you left behind. It happens, it's okay but what if you take the time to let an author know today that you want more? That you are enjoying their story? Clicking that LIKE button gets us excited to give you more. Give us the validation we need to know this is the right choice for us. You are the key to unlocking so much potentiality. 

Because that's what we writers are, givers. We share ourselves and our talents with the world hoping and praying you will accept what we have to offer. We dream of being published and to have a chance to make money at our craft. We wish nothing more than to spend a lifetime doing what we love. 

And you are the Dream Makers. You make that happen. Without you we are just a lost story written upon a page, collecting dust. Won't you please be a Dream Maker today and make this author or another's dream come true?

For you...


You have the power

You have the key

You are what brings out

The best in me


A simple task

You undertake

To vote or not

For my sake


You answered the call

You clicked that star

But did so much more

So much by far


You've given me a chance

To realize a dream

And for that I am grateful

You know not what it means


A simple LIKE

shows I have arrived

Makes this writer's heart

Skip a beat and thrive


You have the power

You are the key

You are the Dream Makers

And the dreamer is me.


© All rights reserved by Charity Rue - aka Ruechari


So if you truly believe in an author help their dream come true. Like, Comment, Save their story to your library or even better share it on social media.  If you believe they are exceptional follow them or give them a reward. You can make all the difference in a writer truly believing in themselves and giving you more of the stories that you love. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR Dreamers and Dream Makers! I wish you a year full of Love, Light, and Inspiration. 

Always yours, 





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HypGothic guru 01.01.2020, 08:35:08

wishing you and yours the most wonderful 2020. Keep making those dreams happen and staying true to yourself xo

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Ruechari guru 01.01.2020, 19:04:42

HypGothic, LOL!

Boakye D. Alpha 01.01.2020, 15:35:36

Happy New Year ?

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 01.01.2020, 19:04:14

Boakye D. Alpha, Happy New Year!

Izzy 01.01.2020, 01:54:48

Happy new year! Thanks for your books that take me on amazing journeys when I’m feeling down. I love your stories so much! Hope you have a great 2020!

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 01.01.2020, 13:13:54

Izzy, Knowing my stories have that kind of effect on you is a great gift indeed, so thank you! And I hope 2020 brings more joy and happiness to you.

km tem 01.01.2020, 08:27:57

Wishing you and your family a most amazing and wonderful new year, decade(s), and future. Bring the light and shape your dreams.

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 01.01.2020, 13:12:28

km tem, Thank you so much! It's been a joy getting to know you through our comment conversations and your amazing poetry. I wish you all the best in 2020.

Goodness Shadrach guru 01.01.2020, 11:33:22

Wishing you and your family a merry new year and may all days in this 2020 bring you happiness, joy, favour and blissful moments.
Knowing you was a good achievement last year and I hope to keep bonding with you and the rest of the sisters.
Happy new year ?❤

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 01.01.2020, 13:10:12

Goodness, Goodness its been a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for all your help with the Book Nook and the Writers Club. I hope your new year is as amazing as you are.

Emma Swan guru 31.12.2019, 19:04:39

Happy New Year, sis!!! Thank you for everything!

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Emma Swan guru 31.12.2019, 22:43:24

Ruechari, My pleasure!

Renuka Kadlag 31.12.2019, 18:33:26

Love you too. Keep up. Have nice year. I love your books and go on and write more for the dreamers like us. Happy New Year to you too. Love you.

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 31.12.2019, 22:38:17

Renuka Kadlag, Thank you! Love you too! Readers like you are the reason I write. Thanks for helping me keep the dream alive. Happy New Year!

Крися 31.12.2019, 19:31:39

Happy New Year!

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 31.12.2019, 22:37:13

Крися, Happy New Year!

AnnaRCase guru 31.12.2019, 20:09:20

Well said. So much feels. Good luck and much success to your future endeavors. Here's to killin it in 2020 !!

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 31.12.2019, 22:37:06

AnnaRCase, Thank you and the same to you. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year for all of us.

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