New year, new decade, new chapters, new story!!!

Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 01.01.20, 11:19:49

I'll be honest... I forgot to publish chapter 13 on sunday, but on monday I thought it could be better used as a kind of New Years special, after all MOON CINDERS is still on the works, so hopefully that's ready for like Jan 5th, if not, I'll tell you...

Other than that, I wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!

I hope you have an awesome year, and I'd like to know some of your resolutions, mine are to finally manage college and writing at a steady pace, as well as finishing arc 1 on the KHAN DEABRU SERIES, and probably giving the first three books for the OHPIUCHUS SERIES, but most definitely: ending the SUMMER SERIES. My other resolution is quite common actually... do some exercise, I'm quite sedentary lately and that's not good for me...

So what are some of yours?



Good Luck!!!


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