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Once again we would like to thank all those that have participated in our Short Story Contest - Once Upon a Time. There had been many great entries but we have narrowed our selection to just three. 

The TOP 3 FINALIST for our Grand Prize are as follows (in no particular order)

Wolf and pigs   author simon 1982  

A Royal Gift  author Roza Csergo

Grim author Brad Emshwiller 

Please join me in congratulating them and our other contests on a job well done. 

On January 20, 2020 we will be announcing our winner so keep an eye out for that announcement as it's is coming soon. 

Congratulations to our finalists.


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Michael A. Romain 07.01.2020, 10:15:20


Roza Csergo 06.01.2020, 07:33:43

Well done everyone. And thank you kindly to the judges. I'm also grateful to anyone who has read my work. ♥

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Ruechari guru 06.01.2020, 19:30:03

Roza Csergo, With all, you had to overcome it was a great achievement. You have every reason to feel proud.

simon 1982 06.01.2020, 09:11:09

This is mind blowing thank you to the judges and everyone who has taken the time to read my story Brad and Rosa are fantastic writers and I love wish them good luck

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simon 1982 06.01.2020, 18:46:17

Brad Emshwiller, Ruechari thank you I will if I don't one day a I might be walking down the road and pop. My head explodes and covers some poor passer by in untold stories

Junior Batley 06.01.2020, 17:23:37

Congrats, I'm so happy for all you guys!

Brad Emshwiller 06.01.2020, 11:08:17

Congrats Simon and Rosa. And thank you, judges.

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Ruechari guru 06.01.2020, 16:50:17

Brad Emshwiller, You're welcome. You earned it.

Крися 06.01.2020, 16:18:28


AnnaRCase guru 06.01.2020, 13:44:40

Congrats to Roza, Brad, Simon for making it this far. You've earned it. Good luck.

Goodness Shadrach guru 06.01.2020, 11:47:55

Wow, congratulations to Brad, Roza and Simon for a job well done. And also a huge thank you to the previous finalists and every other that participated in our contest, you guys did a very wonderful job.

Emma Swan guru 06.01.2020, 11:02:47

This has been a wonderful journey, so CONGRATULATIONS to our top three: Brad, Roza and Simon! A HUGE THANK YOU to every single author that participated, that amazed us and the readers with such good stories. Keep writing!!!

HypGothic guru 06.01.2020, 05:20:57

Well done to Brad, Simon and Roza. Congratulations still to all those who participated and to our previous finalists. What wonderful writers we have on litnet!

Ruechari guru 06.01.2020, 04:56:23

Congratulations simon 1982, Roza Csergo, Brad Emshwiller for making it to the top three!

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