"Take A Chance On Me" Update - news!!!!

Author: Emma Swan guru / Posted: 08.01.20, 00:14:45

Hi, Y'all!!!!

I have received a few messages from readers that are very eager to read chapter 15 of "Take A Chance On Me". I promise that I'm doing my best to finish the Italian version sooner so that I will be able to start the translation right away. Yes, I'm the one doing the translation in English, that's why I don't update every single day. (sorry!)


The next update will be at the end of the week, (even sooner if someone will lend me 24h or sale me a non-sleeping potion. :)))) I'm kidding.) Seriously though, you know that I respect my deadlines because I'm so curious to know your thoughts and opinions about this story. So this week, as usual, you will have the new chapter to read and comment on. Just give me a couple of days and a bit more of your patience and understanding.


With all this being said, I'm going back to work! Don't forget to follow my page, to like, comment and add this novel to your library so you get the latest updates right away.


Thanks again.

Baci e abbracci (Hugs and kisses),






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Michael A. Romain 08.01.2020, 19:59:06

Lol ayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee!!

HypGothic guru 08.01.2020, 06:37:40

oooh cool. Who knows what will happen next? (aside from you that is)

Prisca Spanneberg 08.01.2020, 05:48:28


Samar Sam 08.01.2020, 04:32:52

Thank you love ?❤

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