Fallen Further book#2

Author: HypGothic guru / Posted: 08.01.20, 07:29:06

I have completed and posted a sequal to Fallen.  It is also a short story and picks up where the first one left off.  

It too is a small tale that is about magick, the other world and true love. 

It still draws a little from an old Irish God and also from the Greek Gods.   I hope you enjoy this small tale that I have woven.





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Renuka Kadlag 09.01.2020, 12:51:29

Yup. Totally loved it...

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HypGothic guru 09.01.2020, 13:06:13

Renuka Kadlag, oh thank you. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it. Thanks for being so supportive too.

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