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Author: Emma Swan guru / Posted: 12.01.20, 19:42:20

Hi, Y'all!!!!

If you are an author with an ongoing story on booknet (Litnet) interested in being part of the best writing community ever, if you are a new booknet (Litnet) writer and you need some help from other booknet (Litnet) writers, please come and find us on Facebook.




This message is for authors only because this is NOT a READERS CLUB. It is a group FOR booknet (Litnet) WRITERS ONLY. So, if you're a published booknet (Litnet) author, this is the right community for you!!!!!!!

Before sending the request to join us, you will be asked 3 questions. They are not difficult or strange questions (we are not a cult!!!!!), but YOU MUST ANSWER THEM

1. Are you a booknet (Litnet) Author? (not a reader only, but first of all A WRITER, this means that you should have something published on booknet)

2. What is your Penname on booknet (Litnet)?

3. What topics would you like to see discussed?

Once you'll answer these questions, I, personally, will accept your request to join our group.  


In case you want to join The Writer's Club and you need more information click on the links below!!!


In this group, you will find help and support from fellow writers from all over the world. I hope all you booknet (Litnet) writers out there will join us!


Thank you so much!!!



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A. Tweed 14.01.2020, 04:24:11

I love the group! So much helpful info and great, supportive authors.

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Emma Swan guru 14.01.2020, 08:38:59

The best!!!!!!!

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