The Surprise Is Here

Author: Osaro Oghadeva / Posted: 14.01.20, 10:55:32

Hey guys, I hope we're all ready for what this new year brings? As I promised, I mentioned I'd be releasing something special for you and I HAVE!!!!

My new story “AS LONG AS THE SKY IS BLUE” is here please check out the prologue and anticipate more chapters which I will be updating every Monday.


PS. I know you're all anticipating Book 3 of the “When Love” series. Please hang on. I haven't completed the plot and once I'm done, there's nothing stopping me from releasing it. So by God's grace, sooner than you expect, it will be here for you.


In the meantime, please read this new story and give me your feedback. Thank you so much!





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Bang Chae Ha 14.01.2020, 12:23:45

I'm in awe❤️ Eager to read this new book of you and really dying to read book 3 of "When Love" (wink:-*)

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Osaro Oghadeva 14.01.2020, 14:09:26

Awwww. Thank you so much.❤❤❤

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