Author: Babs / Posted: 19.01.20, 10:38:52

I will not be posting any more full stories on here, I will only be giving out the first two chapters or a story that is too small to publish. I will also be deleting them once they have been published. I would like to become a successful writer and I will never reach it when I keep giving all my work out for free. I hope everyone on here can understand and I hope you continue to support me by buying the full story.

Links will be available through my website.


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John Mitchell 19.01.2020, 17:56:12

you could leave some of your stories

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Babs 20.01.2020, 09:50:53

John Mitchell, Yeah I am going to be leaving the opening chapter or the first two books. I will still be posting test stories on here to see what people make of them and if it gets amazing feedback then I will publish it ^_^

SavannahGeorgia 19.01.2020, 11:35:46

I think you’re making a wise decision. I support you all the way! Keep in touch, though. I love see your posts on FB and reading your opinions on things. =) Best of luck!

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Babs 19.01.2020, 11:39:48

SavannahGeorgia, Thank you, that is really nice of you to say. Yeah I will be still post things on Facebook letting you all know when I will be publishing stories ^_^
You are welcome to continue your support through the website as well as Facebook.

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