Tycoon's Undercover Daughter - new cover

Author: HypGothic guru / Posted: 20.01.20, 05:59:30

Roza Csergo who is a fellow author on Booknet has been so very kind to make a new cover (three in fact) so credit goes entirely to her for the facelift that my lucky book has just recieved.  

Much gratitude to Roza who can be found here:-

and also much gratitude to Emma Swan, Goodness O'Sadrach and Anna Case for such kind reviews in BookNook.  

If you have't already, please check out our lovely Writer's Group on facebook and join in with this lovely community.

Meanwhile, what you do you think of the pretty new cover?  I for one, am wrapped.

Have a wonderful week,



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Dreezy 20.01.2020, 12:02:13

How do I make a blog post?

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Dreezy 21.01.2020, 13:26:40

HypGothic, Yes... Thanks

Celeste I. 21.01.2020, 01:33:37

What a cool and stylish book cover, they did a well-done job making it unique and stand out~

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HypGothic guru 21.01.2020, 04:48:29

Celeste I., Thank you. Roza is incredible and she is also a wonderful writer

Emma Swan guru 20.01.2020, 11:15:42

Sis, this is all you, don't thank me. You know how I think about your writing and about this story. I will be waiting... You know what... the new cover looks great. Kudos to Roza. It's a first step towards the change.

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HypGothic guru 20.01.2020, 12:23:58

Emma Swan, xo

Marilyn Lucero 20.01.2020, 08:16:50

Please give me time to read your book starting today. I'll be fast, I'm a voracious reader.

All my book covers and profile covers are also from Roza Csergo. Can't thank her enough for her generosity and thoughtfulness:-)

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Marilyn Lucero 20.01.2020, 08:42:57

HypGothic, you're welcome

Roza Csergo 20.01.2020, 06:24:24

Thanks for the credits. The image is from pixabay, I just added the title. The praise goes to you for writing a great story. And I'm really happy you decided to use one of the covers. Hope others will like it too. ♥

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HypGothic guru 20.01.2020, 06:34:21

Roza Csergo, I loved them all actually and it was difficult to decide but this one had all of the elements.

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