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Author: SavannahGeorgia / Posted: 20.01.20, 22:02:45

So, this is a long time coming and I've put a lot of thought into it, but I've made the decision to become less involved with, for sake of argument, LitNet. This was not an easy choice because I had convinced myself that staying was beneficial to my writing. Not only was that a lie, but I find that it's been slowly wearing down my desire to write at all, at least for the right reasons.

In short, a year ago, LitNet changed my life. I went to Portland as a finalist and I was just so excited and grateful. I thought I had no chance because so many other stories were doing better, but I was proven wrong. The contest was not a popularity contest, it was based on quality, and being picked made me feel like I had some talent I could explore proudly. But when I got back, it was almost as if that never happened.

I gained maybe 15 followers over the course of the year, my reads have been fair but stagnant, and I couldn't wrap my head around why I was even picked for Portland if I was no longer an important asset to the site. And everything that has become important are the very things that really irritate me. Stories that are filled to the brim with sex, romanticizing rape, unedited glaring mistakes, and overall lower quality. And for a while I thought I was just being petty or jealous. Turns out it wasn't just me. A handful of authors on the site feel the same way as I do, knowing full well they can do better elsewhere, and that's why they're thinking of leaving or have already left.

As a member of this site, I shouldn't be wondering if my presence is even warranted. I shouldn't be competing with an overly flawed algorithm to build my platform. I shouldn't have to stand for authors demanding likes or follows because it is "owed" to them. I shouldn't be able to predict everything that's going to happen from who will be given a Top spotlight to the winner of the competition is based on numbers alone. I know this is harsh, but I think the most fair thing I can do is not surgarcoat the glaring issues I've come to no longer accept.

Just know that I will be leaving up my wholly "unpublishable" stories, finishing up "The Hybrid", responding to any new comments, but that's it. I may post other side projects here and there while working on other stuff, but nothing amazing. If I come back, then it will be for the readers who actually want me back, not my stubborn desire to continue fighting a losing battle. That's all there is to it.


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Celeste I. 21.01.2020, 01:28:24

Congrats on getting picked for Portland. Yeah, I can understand that notion. That's one of the reasons I don't read as often in general, not just on this site, especially romance. I do love to experiment and check out other types of stories that are different from the norm (and can still be popular). Sadly a downside for a self-published author like me that don't like to write what's popular.

I have no other options to showcase and show my stories besides this site. Seeing as I don't have the money, social skills, or car, etc to help me with some of my goals. It's also hard for me to find other stories to catch my interest and to do research on experimenting with specific genres.

I understand why you feel that way, and I wish you the best on your writing journey.

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Celeste I. 22.01.2020, 03:04:30

SavannahGeorgia, Thank you for your kind words. I hope I do well as a writer too, I haven't given up on that, even if my stories won't be as popular, I'll fight the trendy norm if I have to~ (Ok, maybe not really fight, but I think you know what I mean) Good luck, and I'll miss you~!

Ryo Francis 21.01.2020, 03:06:33

I am practically a newbie here so I don’t have much experience as to what is really going on...
Anyway, I noticed those weird low quality romance stories are quite popular (so many views and always trending) — but I guess something positive for me came out from reading them. It gave me the push... just enough courage for me to publish my work here coz I know I can do so much better
So sad that you are feeling this way :( but don’t get discourage…
and I will always remember you as the only person who replied to my query on fb writers club — so thank you so much :)
It’s good that you will leave your work here — so I can check them out

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Ryo Francis 22.01.2020, 02:08:21

SavannahGeorgia, thank you i also followed u so we can always keep in touch :)

AnnaRCase guru 20.01.2020, 23:33:21

I understand where you are coming from and get your frustration. It bothered me at first also. But unfortunately, it's not just Litnet. It's all the platforms or will soon be. And a smart person told me when I was venting over the content, it is popular because readers can do it safely and privately, and no one would know what they are are reading.I've also stopped getting so annoyed on the grammar mistakes and lack of edits, especially when that author gets lots of reads and followers, because all these sites are pitched for Authors at all levels and stages. Yes, some makes you wanted to pull your hair out and scream, and some content seems to flirt with or cross lines which should never be crossed. But in the end, you have to be true to yourself, and not lower your standards to match others. You set those boundaries on things you will or wont write about and be firm. I've gotten into some erotica stuff, but like hell will I ever make rape into something to fantasize about or call a dark romance. I wont read those books either. So in the end, you gotta stick to your guns, dont get discouraged, and if you don't like something, do it better:)

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SavannahGeorgia 21.01.2020, 15:59:27

I think another reason I hesitate to stay is because of the “leadership.” After witnessing the reaction on the FB page to the double winners, what I saw was straight up ridiculous. Jessica made a very fair observation, one that she believed was hurtful and maybe even unfair. But rather than calmly explain the judging process, 3 of the moderators first responses were, “if you think you can do better, then do it”, “the rubric was fair, don’t invalid our work and the winners”, “we were volunteers, so you don’t have a right to criticize how we worked”, “it’s not about you, good thing you won our own contest, you’re projecting”, “stop making up conspiracies”, etc. We found out yesterday you guys were using a rubric system and STILL she was attacked by 3 moderators for making an observation that, at its core, asked “why were there two winners instead of one. I didn’t know we could do that.” That’s insanely hypocritical. I tried to tell her she was in the right to ask and she wasn’t projecting at all, but I guess that was being disrespectful. I’m sorry, but how can anyone support that kind of behavior? It was infuriating to read. Or maybe I was in the wrong, I don’t freaking know anymore.

Babs 21.01.2020, 01:59:31

I completely understand as I feel the same way and I too will be leaving, and only come back when they have sorted things out. ^_^

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SavannahGeorgia 21.01.2020, 16:08:44

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Ruechari guru 21.01.2020, 00:59:41

As a fellow contestant of the College Romance Contest, no one could have been more shocked than me that I won. I expected it to come down to popularity and likes and I was honored to be chosen winner on merit because there is no other way I should have been chosen. This gave me much hope for this site.

When the Once Upon A Time contest was held we kept that in mind. So, when two of the authors came up with the same total under the rubric we used to score every book fairly we thought to take into account LIKES and COMMENTS. But we knew right away that wasn't the right decision, although very different genres both stories deserved the same reward. Since both were impeccably written, entertaining, and nearly flawless when it came to errors in spelling and syntax. We asked Booknet if we could possibly award 2 winners with our prizes but this meant them agreeing to market now 2 stories and not just one. They didn’t even hesitate. If we believed both books of good quality then they would support our decision. I don’t know about you but that was not an outcome I could have predicted. So 3 out of 3 contests on Booknet picked winners solely on merit. That's a really good record so far.

Ruechari guru 21.01.2020, 00:48:45

Booknet is in its Beta Stage. They are still working on improving the platform on every level. Recently there have been discussions on how to clearly define the +18 Rules for a book.

The voices of the authors in the Writers Club are being heard. Thanks to you a child porn writer was banished from Booknet and they took your words not only seriously but also took immediate action to remove the stories and ban the author from ever writing on Booknet.

When the author tried to post under a different name and title since we were on alert, Emma Swan noticed right away and again thanks to our community, they did not get away with it and Booknet removed them from the site.

When authors were getting Trolled on the site immediate action was taken. Blogs and posts were made on how to properly deal with the issue and in response, Booknet has now added a new feature for the author to block inappropriate comments left on their books.

So, Booknet is trying to become a better platform than what is out there. When you must cater to so many it is impossible to make everyone happy. But they are listening and they do care.

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