Land of the Unknown Update (1000+ Views!)

Author: Celeste I. / Posted: 21.01.20, 01:47:53

Wow, I can't believe the number of likes, comments, and reads my second story has gotten already! Land of the Unknown isn't even halfway done yet, but it's already broken over 1000 reads!

I'm shocked, but also ecstatic that you guys are all enjoying the story so far. Everyone has been unanimously positive, and I don't know what to say, but thank you so much for the love and support~ I can't wait to see how things go as the story continues to progress :3

Ah yeah, updates! I almost forgot! Sorry for the rambling, I'm just so stoked by the love it's getting so far! Huehehe~

You can check out Land of the Unknown if you'd like! It's adventurous and exciting~

Expect the next episode to come out sometime around Friday! That's all I wanted to say, and thank you~


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Ruechari, Thank you Ruechari~

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