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Author: Ashleh Queen / Posted: 25.01.20, 22:16:55

Contract Marriage

This is to announce that contract marriage is updated. The notification didn't work and I think word count of the chapter is to blame. 

Please leave your reviews. 

The next chapter will be there in five days. 


I will update the story in the next five days but the chapter will be long enough to make you all happy. I am so sorry for delaying as a lot of things have been happening. I guess there will be 11 more chapters before the story finally ends. I hope you like the end I have decided for Shattered. (And with this your suffering of waiting on the updates will finally come to an end too.) 

Important Note: 

Thank you so much for following me on Litnet or on all the other sites. And I owe you all a lot. No matter how bad I want to respond to all the messages and comments I receive I can't but I will try harder. So, please do not stop commenting just because I don't reply. 

Love you all. Stay blessed with your loved ones. 



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Leah Villanueva 13.02.2020, 16:43:34

I tought its free

Neneth Pacatang Fernandez 13.02.2020, 07:35:39

i thought it's free. very sad i have to buy it. though i like the story.

Mabeth Jabon Candido 12.02.2020, 00:25:37

Please update the chapter now..

Susana Mendoza 07.02.2020, 10:58:33

Pls add more chapters..
Your so Good!!

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Ashleh Queen 07.02.2020, 13:40:22

Susana Mendoza, Thank you so much,

Geetha Sree Chinnagari 05.02.2020, 08:46:16

Please update shattered... Waiting eagerly its been 10 days you said that you will update in next 5 days... Please make it fast

Theresa Ekama 03.02.2020, 23:01:13

Am having issues with payment cos is only paypal and master card i use verve any other means

SavannahGeorgia 31.01.2020, 15:49:37

If you want the notifications to show up, post the chapter 2-3 times and then delete the repeats. Took some experimentation, but I found that it works

Agunsoye Keren 31.01.2020, 11:45:33

Hi I just got to no we have to pay to read your book it not fair we cannot complete the story now. It not fair

Anita Gamado 30.01.2020, 23:27:45

Ok...when next is an update coming????

Angelean Jaftha 28.01.2020, 17:47:38

Shattered also dont wanna open their new chapters ....think I'm done

Angelean Jaftha 28.01.2020, 17:46:50

None of the two books want to open contract marriage 2 still shows a lock on the chapters of part 2.???

Aleuzenev 28.01.2020, 02:14:30

Hi, I loved the first part, but when they publish the translation into Spanish. kisses from Venezuela

Ta Jaynos 27.01.2020, 14:04:19

Wow! So excited tovread it!

Emelia Doot 27.01.2020, 12:11:17

Thanks... i am axious to read the next chapter of Contract Marriage....

Leah Villanueva 27.01.2020, 11:31:53

Im longing for your update plss iwant to know what happen next i really really addictted from your novels thank you

Eva Victovivo 27.01.2020, 10:43:54

Thk you! Love you too
Eagerly waiting to read a new chapter of contract marriage 2.
Hope i ll be one of the five lucky ones!

Maria Perez 26.01.2020, 22:08:45

Muchas gracias

elizabeth 26.01.2020, 19:35:39

Thank you

Theresa Ekama 26.01.2020, 11:13:47


Jhingjhing Cabuyaon 26.01.2020, 08:58:27


Jinky Domingo 26.01.2020, 08:15:22

Thanks for the interesting story

Leahcodera Roque 26.01.2020, 06:33:08

Please.... I can't wait!!

Aleena Nadeem 26.01.2020, 06:19:26

Thank you so much Ashleh ❣❣

IshkbaazSHIVIKA 26.01.2020, 05:59:57


Wagener Lina 26.01.2020, 05:06:16

Por favor que sea en español me encanta esa historia no importa si es por suscripción

Wagener Lina 26.01.2020, 05:02:45

No entendí nada

Helene Gamboa 26.01.2020, 00:43:32

Gracias totales.

Tahira Yasmin 25.01.2020, 22:58:13

Thanks for updating contact marriage dear

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