Deadline - Now available on Litnet!

Author: Astronomicon / Posted: 03.01.19, 22:07:05

If you're a fan of science fiction and humour, you're going to love "Deadline". There are eight chapters there right now and I'm posting more just as fast as I can.

I'm particularly keen to get some feedback on this one. It's my first full-on attempt at comedy. Most of my novels include some level of comedy, if on in the dialogue, but this one is much more light-hearted than anything I've written previously and I'd love to hear what you all think about it.

It's written in a science fiction setting but you really don't need to be a fan of science fiction to enjoy this one. It's human much more than it's science-based.

Anyway, have a read and let me know if it works.



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Astronomicon 05.01.2019, 18:18:20

Another chapter posted. I'm trying to post one per day, but life keeps getting in the way!

Samantha Ainsley 05.01.2019, 00:56:28

will add it to my library

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Astronomicon 05.01.2019, 01:28:02

Samantha Ainsley, Cool! :)

Billye Chilson 04.01.2019, 15:35:45

Is it a stand-alone story or I need to read your previous works?

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Astronomicon 04.01.2019, 18:53:09

Billye Chilson, It's stand alone. It's set in the same universe but is a self-contained story.

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