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Author: AnnaRCase / Posted: 26.03.19, 02:46:53

Hello! Just wanted to let readers know I've noticed that my app is glitchy. In app mode my story Find only loads to the 14th chapter, but I updated up to CHAPTER 22. To load past CHAPTER 14, I had to do it from the browser. Not sure if this a problem for everyone,  but just wanted to make you aware. I also updated Provenance recently,  so you may have to check browser mode to get all the chapters to load.Thanks!


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Keira 26.03.2019, 10:32:33

Hello Anna, so sorry to hear that. It has to be an occasional glitch because there were no other user reports about this kind of problem. Would you leave a report in the feedback section of your Litnet app? Our IT guys will try to fix this problem. Thank you!

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AnnaRCase 26.03.2019, 12:29:46

Keira, Will do thanks. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times with no changes.

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