My New Story!!!

Author: Osaro Oghadeva / Posted: 19.04.19, 17:56:30


How are you all doing, I trust all is well? 

Based on popular demand, the sequel to When Love Dies is up!

The title is *drum rolls* When Love Returns! 

Who's excited? 

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much! 





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Vijay Kerji 11.07.2019, 15:53:51

Hello, Osara,
I enjoyed reading the first two prologue chapters of your book, When Love Dies. I like your writing style and the story characters are interesting. I will continue to read the remaining chapters.
If possible, you can take a look at my work and share your thoughts. Thanks!

Vijay Kerji

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Osaro Oghadeva 13.07.2019, 19:54:06

Aww, thanks for reading! I'm following you now and I will also find time to check out your stories. Thanks again

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