How to add a picture to your story

Author: Keira / Posted: 25.04.19, 14:03:15

Some authors don't know that it is possible to add pictures to their stories on Litnet. However, you need to know: 

  • you have to use external picture hostings to add pictures on Litnet (many picture hostings are completely free, one of them is
  • the pictures won't be displayed in a mobile app
  • too many pictures and pictures with too high resolution can be a problem for users with a poor Internet connection
  • you can add pictures only using a desktop version of Litnet
  • please don't forget about the copyrights.

This is how you do it:

  1. Upload your picture on any external hosting and copy a direct link to it.
  2. When you are editing your story on a computer, select the Picture button as in the screenshot
  3. Enter the direct link to your picture to the first field (URL). You can change the picture's size and some other properties on the same page.
  4. Done!

We hope it will help you. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments.

Litnet team


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Ruechari 26.04.2019, 01:34:36

This is exciting. I thought you may be able to do so, but it's good to know for certain and thanks for the heads up on the possible hosting site.

Мила Светлая 26.04.2019, 01:33:24

Thank you.

lily97000 25.04.2019, 20:14:06

It would have been good if they can be viewed in mobile app as well

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Keira 25.04.2019, 21:59:04

Thank you ☺️

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