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Author: Shay Asundra / Posted: 27.05.19, 18:10:29

Heya Everyone!



Ive only been here for almost a week now, but in that time, you all have really bolstered my motivation to keep goingforward with my writing. As of right now, Sanctuary for none has hit #1 for science fiction here n the site. Just knowing that there are those out there getting involved and engaging wth this story is amazing, let alonew that it'd be popular!


Sanctuary for none is a project i have been trying to work on and get off the ground for some time, alas, spare time is not somethng i have in abundance, I work full time and do the single parent thing. So finding time for other passions is not always the easist of feats.


That being said, there are mutiple book ideas for this story to make into its own series. I also have other side concepts that need more fleshing out as well i want to bring forward sooner rather than later.


Please be sure to send soe likes my way, and please know I engourage comments and feedback, i really want to know what you all are thinking once you've read.



Also, it may be a tad selfish, but I would love to see myself hit that 100 follower mark! It's just one little click that wil mae my day just that much brighter!


I also do poetry, should those be interested, you can find that published book, "The voice of us all" on amazon! 


Again, thank you all for taking the time to read what i share!


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