Hi, Y'all!!!!!

Author: Emma Swan / Posted: 27.05.19, 19:03:20

Hi, Y'all!!!!

For those of you who are reading my latest novel, "Love Is Enough", I have an announcement to make.

In a few weeks (3 at most), the Italian version will be finished, so I will start working on the remains chapters of the English version.

I know that the waiting part must be frustrating, but I PROMISE YOU that I will be back pretty soon and at that point, you'll have the last five chapters ready to be discovered.

Please, don't give up on Ashley&Justin, Marianne&Michael, and Emily&David. They will be part of your lives again real soon. 

Meanwhile, I've changed the cover, hope you'll like it as much as I do. (Grazie, EirynBell)

Thanks again!!!!



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