From the Ashes- Yours for only $1.99!!!

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 03.06.19, 19:22:35

YAY!!! I am so excited!!! From the Ashes is officially available for purchase here on Litnet. The first book to be sold on the US platform. We have worked out the contract everything is signed as of today. Litnet has exclusive rights to the Ebook for From the Ashes and now that means you get immediate access to the rest of the story. 

No more waiting! Find out about Juliana and Richard and their love story today! Your adventure awaits and is yours for only a download price of $1.99.

Download your copy TODAY!!!

Thanks once again for all those who have shown your love and support of this book. Don't forget to keep those LIKES and comments coming. You are the best readers ever!

All my love,



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Anna Orehova 04.06.2019, 10:56:51

Nice done!

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Ruechari 04.06.2019, 14:56:16

Anna Orehova, Thank you Anna. It's all quite exciting.

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