Deadline and Feedback

Author: Astronomicon / Posted: 05.06.19, 15:06:21

My scifi novel "Deadline" is now almost finished. The increased posting rate has not achieved the higher rate of new readers, votes and feedback I was hoping for. I've tried many months of social media posts, blog posts, cross-posting work on Wattpad here and nothing has worked, so far.

Is there anything else I can try to get more readers and some feedback?

I keep working on improving my writing, my story planning and the experience for my readers, but if I'm not getting any feedback or any indication if my writing is improving or deteriorating, then I have to ask myself if there is any point posting here?

I've turned on comments, so please let me know what you think!


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AnnaRCase 10.06.2019, 17:12:53

I don't think it's you. It's just that Litnet English is still new, in its Beta. It hasn't gained the momentum yet of its sites in other languages. Most of us are struggling to get followers and readers because of it. It seems the college genre is probably the most popular at the moment and it seems to be fueled by the recent contest and just mainstream in general. But don't be discouraged. Just keep at it. Litnet is gaining ground and growing :) And I'm sure some new contests will pop up in the future which may help gain authors some more exposure.

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AnnaRCase 15.07.2019, 20:40:21

Astronomicon, Surely even one more reader couldn't hurt? I just copy and paste my stories between sites. It saves time and energy:)

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