So, I forgot a little something...

Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 07.06.19, 05:14:42

HOPELESS MEMORIES OF SUMMER chapter three is out, but there's something else I would like you to see. So, after the prologue there was supposed to be a tiny quote and after that, chapter one, but I forgot to put the quote, so I uploaded it today.

So, check that part out (it's under the name "-" because it wasn't meant to have a name at all...) and also chapter three.

You guys! We're right at the half of the book!!!! This is a 6 chapter long book, and we're almost done. If you go by page count it may not look that small, but I'm pretty certain it won't get to the one hundred pages, so, at least for me that's short. What do you guys think?

Good Luck!!!


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