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Big city girl Brooklyn is new to a small town, she disregards her high school classmates, and then just for her mom starts to form a bond with her two step brother's Logan and Blake. Meanwhile, she meets the heart throb David who lives across the street from her new home, and is faced with feelings ... more info

Text includes: first love, coming of age, drama

In progress: 08 Feb 82 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#119 at Romance
#21 at Romantic suspense
#29 at Contemporary Romance


365 Days Without You


When Clementine, who is in her last year of college, and her boyfriend of two years break up on New Year's Eve, Clem starts to keep a journal of everything she feels each day after their breakup. After allowing herself to be depressed for a while, she starts exploring life on her own for the first t... more info

Text includes: breakup, first love, coming of age

In progress: 21 Feb 15 pages
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Overall Rating: 6

Current rating:
#46 at Young adult
#23 at New Adult & College
#56 at Romance
#15 at Contemporary Romance

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