Ciana Frost



The Light Bender Series

Ciana Frost

Kara, a girl used to a mundane life, until her parents tell her she was going to America to live with an uncle she doesn't even know. She makes friends, and enemies, and on top of it all she finds out she comes from a long line of light benders. Questions swirl through her mind, who to trust, when t... more info

Story about: finding yourself, good and evil, superheros

Ongoing: 08 Oct 8 pages
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#123 in Fantasy
#12 in Action fantasy
#180 in Romance


A Royal Disguise

Ciana Frost

A prince with a choice that can determine life and death. A princess that defies everyone around her. A thief whos origins are unknown. A blind man who knows more than anyone could suspect. And a power-hungry king. But what if there was something deeper, a wicked scheme brewing beneath the surface.... more info

Story about: adventure, short story, mistaken identity

Complete 25 pages
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Rating: 9

#78 in Romance
#8 in Short stories

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