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Blue Boy Pink Girl

Didi Den

In the late 80's a group of high school seniors try to figure out who they want to become with all the pressure of growing up. Cassy and Carter both know who they want to be, but the problem lies with the spoiled boarding school they attended, and their parents already had plans for them already. I... more info

Story about: 80s, diverity, discoveryourself

Ongoing: 06 Dec 43 pages
939 37 14

Rating: 9

#148 in Young adult
#47 in New Adult & College
#360 in Romance
#30 in LGBT

On Hold



Didi Den

A colour blind girl, 2 siblings, a werewolf, and a bad boy all tag along to create a reasonable rebellion only for their families sake. People keep secrets, lies, and most of all the alternative plan to keep themselves in power can derail them from the mission at hand. Because if they don't find a ... more info

Story about: rebellion, projectbadassgirls, seerer

On Hold: 23 Aug 29 pages
276 6 5

Rating: 2

#133 in Young adult
#10 in Dystopia
#240 in Fantasy
#33 in Epic fantasy

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