A. Tweed


Posted: 02.12.19, 04:34:30

​​​​​​Hello readers. While I am working on edits, I want to also share something else with you, that I feel makes my story seem a little more fun. (At least for me) So, if you have read in my 'about me' you know I also sew. The chapter isn't up yet, but later in The Enchanted Oak, Elliana attends a ball. I try to describe her gown in full details, but I think you should just Read more...

Posted: 28.11.19, 18:21:30

Given the holidays are here, my day job has become more demanding. Updates on the Enchanted Oak may be more sporadic at least until after Christmas. If you have been enjoying the read please follow so you will know when each chapter goes up. Happy holidays everyone. Read more...
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