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Created: 12.12.18, 14:22:24

  This is my rough sketch of a cover idea I have for The Emperor and the Demon, I am so pleased with the way it has turned out, even though the young lady bottom left gave me some trouble to get right as I'm not good at drawing teenage girls giggle, she's turned out OK. Bottom right are the gods known as the Dreamers. I am planning on doing a coloured version when I have completed the Read more

Created: 11.12.18, 11:39:35

I am really enjoying being here on litnet, it is so nice to be finally getting a little feedback for my work :) I am planning on posting all my short stories on here because where they are at the moment, people just seem to read the blurb and not the story or just the story and don't tell me anything like, please could you put in translation or tell me if they like my kind of stories, or please Read more

Created: 07.12.18, 12:10:27

I am in the process of writing a new story, well it is an idea which I had a long time ago, but I never did anything with it until now. When I looked back at it, I thought why did I leave this as I can see it making quite a gripping story which this time is set in Japan. With it still being in its rough stage I am a little nervous to post, say the beginning on here in case there are spelling Read more
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