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0 | Created: 12.12.18, 14:22:24

  This is my rough sketch of a cover idea I have for The Emperor and the Demon, I am so pleased with the way it has turned out, even though the young lady bottom left gave me some trouble to get right as I'm not good at drawing teenage girls giggle, she's turned out OK. Bottom right are the gods known as the Dreamers. I am planning on doing a coloured version when I have completed the Read more

6 | Created: 11.12.18, 13:25:52

Hello! So, there we some friends of mine from wattpad who liked the covers I made them so I thought, maybe I should try making covers for the authors here as well.  So, I don't make it for free but I will not ask for too much. Just a simple promotion of my one and only novel here will do. Interested? Comment down below and follow this format: Your pen name: Title of your book: A Read more

4 | Created: 07.12.18, 12:10:27

I am in the process of writing a new story, well it is an idea which I had a long time ago, but I never did anything with it until now. When I looked back at it, I thought why did I leave this as I can see it making quite a gripping story which this time is set in Japan. With it still being in its rough stage I am a little nervous to post, say the beginning on here in case there are spelling Read more

0 | Created: 11.12.18, 11:39:35

So happy

Author: Babs
I am really enjoying being here on litnet, it is so nice to be finally getting a little feedback for my work :) I am planning on posting all my short stories on here because where they are at the moment, people just seem to read the blurb and not the story or just the story and don't tell me anything like, please could you put in translation or tell me if they like my kind of stories, or please Read more

2 | Created: 09.12.18, 22:22:59

Dear authors, perhaps someone would like to order illustrations for your books. Some have already approached me with such requests, so I decided maybe someone else wants to. Exclusive drawings of your characters and scenes from your stories. I will not say that I can do everything, but I will try to portray your plans. Remuneration by agreement, depending on the complexity.))) For example Read more

0 | Created: 06.12.18, 17:13:37

Draga's childhood is never really explored in Fickle Things, so I figured I'd go over his past here. If enough people want it, I might have it experienced or recalled in a flashback or something. [~] Draga is not home to the world he was raised in. For the first six years of his life, he existed on a world very similar to Earth. The history was different, but the actual planet and laws Read more

0 | Created: 06.12.18, 11:27:01

The Marriage Institution, the Holy Bible, and the Western Culture By Julius Afolalu Website:      GSM: +2348034429733                               Western Civilization Defined In her book, Read more

4 | Created: 02.12.18, 15:32:17

Hi. As I am writing this, I'm also kinda having an anxiety attack. Because I haven't done anything like this in a long while. I mean, I haven't really written a blog before. But if you're reading this, then I hope you'd let me know.  Writing has always been my passion. Yes, that line has probably been the most overused in the history of the lives of all writers. Including me. But it's true. I've been writing since Read more

0 | Created: 02.12.18, 19:26:06

And welcome to my humble page!  I only started here by a friend's recommendation, so I wanted to introduce myself and my work. My name is Milady and I am from Puerto Rico. I started writing like four years ago but I've only been sharing for about a year. All this time I've uploading my work on another page, which is where I'm bringing my stories from.  Most of what you'll find here is fanfiction. However, that Read more

4 | Created: 29.11.18, 00:39:01

The title of this post isn't entirely accurate.  As far as I am aware, writers do not fear writing. What we fear is the exposure writing creates for us.  That probably sounds like a strange fear, but I promise you it's one every writer has faced. Self-doubt is a familiar concept in this age. Whether it's the way we look, the way we speak, the way we dress or the things we do for a living or hobby. We all suffer self-doubt Read more

2 | Created: 27.11.18, 12:51:34

Has an idea ever just hit you? So, about two years ago, I was walking with my dogs in a particularly empty part of the New Forest and I heard a noise.  It wasn't anything especially strange, just a cow mooing loudly somewhere out of sight. It was strange because not only could I not see the source of the noise, but I hadn't seen anyone for well over an hour. It was just me, my dogs, the forest and this noise.  At that moment Read more

0 | Created: 27.11.18, 21:12:03

Writer’s block is a bit like the flu. It hits when it hits. You can’t imagine what you did to contract it so you stop wasting your time trying. You just have to learn to deal with it. Deal with it??? The flu, we go see the doctor. What do we do when we are hit by Writer’s Block? For me, I’ve got my own bag remedies. Over the years I’ve tried green tea, meditation, mantras, baroque music, potato crisps. I also Read more

2 | Created: 26.11.18, 23:39:33

Ever since, I want to write stand alone novels. I am on Wattpad—another writing platform and there, I have written stories that are in Filipino language. But there's a habit in me that whatever story I am going to work on, it would end up to be included in a series. It's so frustrating all the time. Now here, I want to work on a stand alone novel and I hope I can finish it before mid-2019. Read more
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