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4 | Created: 09.01.19, 13:38:09

I know that this is a bit late but I just would like to thank all of you for reading TINWYTTI:Our Story. To be honest, I never really monitored the view count of my book and I was really shocked to see that it already had a little over 2700+ reads and 21 likes. I know that this is nothing compared to other popular books but these numbers already makes me feel so grateful to every single Read more

2 | Created: 18.01.19, 16:48:43

Henlo, guys! And yes, I'm back again and I survived the bloody semi-finals exam (hoping I can get a good score, though). So, I would just like to ask for your opinion which one of the covers below wold you like to be TINWYTTI's permanent cover.   Comment: 1 - If you liked the Original           2 - If you liked the Mystery Arc    Read more

2 | Created: 20.01.19, 02:33:42

Just a note to apologize for the delays in my updates for SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER YOU. It's been a rough health week this week. As I contracted a stomach virus. I do so hope you'll all forgive the delay. I know you have been waiting patiently and for that patience I have posted another chapter just for you.  Hope you enjoy.  Ruechari Read more

2 | Created: 19.01.19, 15:04:05

There is a saying, 'a work of art is never finished, just abandoned'. I have to admit I've heard it many times over the last two years, but never really understood it until today. If you've read the book I currently have published on this site, you might, like I did, believe it to be finished.  It's not.  I thought it was (albeit still with a tiny requirement Read more

5 | Created: 13.01.19, 11:30:30

And yas people, today, TINWYTTI ends! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who've read, liked, commented and most especially, supported the book. I really appreciate it! And when a book ends, another book begins! My newly-published books, NYKOS:Riot and MWY #1: Memories Lost are now waiting for your likes and views so better not make them wait hehe~ On the other hand, Read more

0 | Created: 18.01.19, 01:26:33

This morning I made a lot of adjustments to this drawing, one, sorted Bǎihé’s hair so it is over her ear, put on her rings, made it look like she is talking to her son and also sorted out the top of her robe. Two, redid Yúlong’s little face, hands and sleeves of his robe. Three, I got Kwon’s right hand looking perfect. I think it is ready to be painted this weekened Read more

6 | Created: 10.01.19, 21:06:13

Hi guys, thank you for all the support on my newest book! I was originally an author on Wattpad and have only published GOAL on this website. If you could help me out by voting, rewarding, commenting and sharing my book I would be so apprecitative! Getting anywhere in this competiton will allow me to create new content and share my work (previous and new) with you guys! Many Thanks, Katie Ru Read more

1 | Created: 15.01.19, 05:11:16

I was checking my notifications and messages on wattpad when I received a message from someone who knew At first, I had no idea what it was all about but then I got curious so I checked the message. (Content below) So this is probably the reason why I discovered this site. I hope you support me in this. XOXO  Read more

2 | Created: 15.01.19, 15:54:14

This morning I did a rough sketch of a front cover idea I have for a short story, which I am yet to finish, it has been sitting on my iPad for years. I have been going through it and decided I am going to complete it and post it on here to see what you all make of it. It is titled The Storm and the image below is of Bǎihé (right) with her son Yúnlong and Kwon. Giggle Read more

2 | Created: 13.01.19, 13:25:05

Hi guys! i just published the chapter 18 , i hope you like my story. thank you for the positive feedbacks, i really really appreciate it.... enjoy reading :) Read more

22 | Created: 10.01.19, 07:41:30

I just started seeking for justice on this app and am so happy about the feedback.. The next chapter will be out but from a rate of 1 to 10,how much so you love the book. Read more

3 | Created: 26.12.18, 18:57:30

Oh Oh Oh!  Sounds like trouble, when you hear HO HO HO in reverse! What's wrong in Ebiama? All your favourite characters are back this Christmas! Someone's being really nutty and we no that's not nice. As a gift to all my readers, three sizzling chapters have been added this christmas to my novel "Gesiye".  find out what happened to Gesiye now that Read more

0 | Created: 10.01.19, 08:42:19

hello. to everyone reading blank space. I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while. it's not my fault just so you know. I think I am having a writers block or something... I haven't been able to type... my story part isn't showing at all.. I am so sorry.... this is the third day now... I will update as soon as I can. Read more

8 | Created: 29.11.18, 00:39:01

The title of this post isn't entirely accurate.  As far as I am aware, writers do not fear writing. What we fear is the exposure writing creates for us.  That probably sounds like a strange fear, but I promise you it's one every writer has faced. Self-doubt is a familiar concept in this age. Whether it's the way we look, the way we speak, the way we dress or the things we do for a living or hobby. We all suffer self-doubt Read more

0 | Created: 08.01.19, 14:02:37

I'm back, people~ ang yeah, I'm very sorry if I can't update TINWYTTI right now, huhuhu my laptop suddenly reformatted itself, causing every single document of TINWYTTI (as well as other important stuff) to be gone like a bubble huhuhu. So, because of that, TINWYTTI will be on hold for a day or two because I have to rewrite the chapters 36 - 40. On the other Read more

0 | Created: 07.01.19, 13:47:22

A new year

Author: Babs
I was not able to write a 240,000 word story as I have never wrote anything that big before. So this is what I am planning on doing, posting the all new Límíng wù series on here, that way I will be ale to find out if they are good stories or not. Another thing I am thinking about doing is posting also on here incomplete stories, which have no front covers and some don't even Read more

0 | Created: 06.01.19, 22:41:37

It's 4:21AM in my country and I just finished writing the last chapter of Suicide Love Letters (will post update as soon as I wake up later.) Aside from the strong feeling of anxiousness, I somehow felt sad for my own book. Writing it for over a year and having amazing people to read it; receiving good comments and constructive criticisms, it gave me hope to finish what I have started and actually Read more

0 | Created: 06.01.19, 10:15:38

I have updated one more chapter today Read more

5 | Created: 01.01.19, 23:07:08

   There is nothing I wish for than for LitNet's community to have a wonderful and amazing year ahead. I have so much to be thankful for and one of it is having my book (Suicide Love Letter) still listed on the line up of the Most Popular!    Here's a little story to tell about the book: I made that over a year ago and published it first on Wattpad. A year later, it had Read more

2 | Created: 03.01.19, 02:25:28

Hey dear, happy New year. Last year was amazing. the feedback has been encouraging. The holidays affected my writing as I joggled between fun and work. however, this year I've drawn out a strategy to enable me complete the book in time. New updates for Gesiye will be added every thursday and sunday. keep the comments coming and don't forget to rate it! With love, Lois. Read more
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