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new story and hiatus

Author: Brad Emshwiller / Posted: 11.08.19, 19:16:52

My latest short story - Pale Wolf - is up.  If you've an interest atmospheric horror, please give it a read; I love hearing feedback as well.  This will probably be my last offering for awhile as i need to double down on my novel to finish the current draft before the year is out.  The first two pieces I published here were written last year and needed only little tweaking.  Pale Wolf was begun in february or march and I may have one more short story in me before the end of the year but it will likely be some time before it ends up on here.  If sudden inspiration strikes and i feverishly complete some small work that I think is worth your time, you'll all be the first to know.  Until then: Keep writing and be good to one another. 

ps.  If there is interest, I may upload the prologue of my novel as its the only part that closest to ready. 


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