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A New Story Actually Several...

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 14.08.19, 05:20:25

Hello, my wonderful readers, 

I have to offer you OVER THE MOON. A collection of romantic short stories, with a fairytale twist. Set in modern Chicago you will meet many of your childhood fairytale friends from Red Robin Hood to Little Miss Muffit and several others you may recognize... only not exactly in the way you remember them. 

What if the characters you knew from your nursery rhymes and fairytales were real people dealing with real problems in real life. How would their personalities help or hinder them especially in the matters of the heart?

I am starting with my retelling of Red Riding Hood. Red is worried that Granny's bakery shop will be devoured by Elias Wolf. Will she be able to help save her Grandmother's business or will they be gobbled up just like the other bakeries in town. A handsome new stranger named Hunter Woodsmen may just be the one to cut Elias down to size and save them or will he? 

Please take a look at this new fun collection of stories and save it to your libraries today. 

I hope you enjoy the tales I have to tell and if you do don't forget to comment to tell me. I love hearing from my readers. You're the ones that keep me going. 

- Ruechari




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BrownEyedBanter 15.08.2019, 16:31:20

Ohhhhh this is going to be good!!!

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Ruechari 15.08.2019, 19:40:46

BrownEyedBanter, I certainly hope so... *giggle*

Goodness 14.08.2019, 10:40:39

I am looking forward to this, you said fairytale stories? I'm in

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Ruechari 14.08.2019, 15:41:43

Goodness, Not in the traditional sense but yes. You'll see.

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