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New Update - Lover's Courage

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 14.08.19, 11:22:58

My Dear Readers/Authors,

I hope you started yet another work-week well and enjoying your day. It's time for me to notify you about the update of my Romance novel - Lover's Courage. You have read about Vivek and Snehal so far in the story and their challenges in uniting with each other. In the last chapters, we came across Vivek having a brawl with Snehal's fiance, Ranjit that made Snehal propose to Vivek.

What initiatives Vivek will take next to get united with Snehal? Will the elders agree to their appeal to bless them?

Chapter 26 - Snehal hears bad news about her friend, Priya

Chapter 27 - Vivek talks to his friend and mother about Snehal

I hope you enjoy reading the story set in India. Please let me know how you felt, reading it. Your feedback is extremely helpful to write better stories next. If you like it, please share your thoughts and follow me. I hope you will :-)


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