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From the Ashes Now Offered at a New Lower Price

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 17.08.19, 13:21:55

I have so many people telling me they can't afford my book at $1.99 USD that I've gotten approval to drop the price permanently to a cover price of $1.49. Since this is only .10  cents more than when I hold a sale which I can only do once a month, I am hoping this will make the book more affordable to those of you who would like to buy the book but couldn't. 

Here's hoping this helps! 



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Kathy Gillard 18.08.2019, 23:35:45

I won this book for free and got a code to insert but yet the code did not work and I never received the book for free.

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Ruechari 19.08.2019, 03:38:02

Kathy Gillard, Hello, Kathy, the code had to be redeemed in 30 days for the time you won. So it expired. If you can look back in your email to where I sent you the old code and send it back to me so I can confirm you as a winner, I will see if I can Litnet to regenerate a new code for you. Thanks! - Ruechari

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